The Bluetooth printer occasionally has problems connecting to Orders Up. Here are a few common fixes.

  • Ensure the Bluetooth printer has been connected properly. Refer to the setup page.
  • Sometimes Orders Up may miss something when the printer is connected. Try turning the unit off and back on.
  • Additionally, you can try restarting the app by going back to the home screen and revisiting Orders Up.
  • Ensure the printer is not already paired with another device. It will not pair with another device if it is already paired.

You’ll need administrator access for this, so ask your supervisor to follow these steps.

1. Log into Orders Up as a different user whose PIN you know.


2. Tap the menu in the upper left corner, and hit Users.


3. Log in as the administrator. If you are the supervisor and don’t have administrator privileges, feel free to contact us.

menu login

4. Tap the user whose PIN you wish to view or change.


Simply swipe left on an item on the current order. A Delete button will appear next to the order. Tap that to delete it.


Submitting an incorrect order could result in skewed statistics in your business’ analytics. To void an order, follow these steps.

1. Tap the menu button in the upper left, then hit orders.


2. Swipe the order you want to delete to the left. A Void button will appear next to the order. Tap that to void the order.


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