What is Orders Up?

The Orders Up App was designed specifically for foodservice within convenience stores as a low cost solution to help manage the tracking of freshly prepared food sales.

Gone are the days of writing the PLU on the packaging and hoping that the transaction is properly captured at the register. Orders Up is an iPad app that allows the deli clerk to capture the entire order, print a bar code label for application to the packaging, which in turn provides the check out clerk with a scan-able container to close the transaction.   All Orders Up data is transmitted to our servers in real time to allow for remote analysis of key store metrics. Analyze and trend sales, inventory, food cost and labor from any internet enabled device like your phone or your desktop computer.

Far too many convenience stores struggle with integrating their growing food service business with the existing retail Point Of Sale (POS) systems already in place at the store. These systems are typically based on a retail accounting platform thereby creating the problem of handling the cost based accounting needed to accurately manage lucrative and very profitable foodservice operations.

The key benefits of Orders Up are:

  • Minimal hardware cost. All that is required is an iPad and printer.
  • Equipment comes preloaded with your menu.
  • Ability to track sales, inventory, food cost, and labor remotely.
  • Cloud based analytics that can be accessed anywhere.
  • Intuitive software developed by operators for operators.
  • No limit to number of users per store.
  • Services are billed monthly.

How does Orders Up work?

It all starts from the app.

Orders are entered from the preloaded menu into the Orders Up app on the iPad. All items in the customers order are now captured, recorded and associated to an order id along with time and date stamp and clerk details.

Then it prints the label.

Orders Up sends barcode labels via Bluetooth to the printer. Labels can be customized to include the PLU, description, and price.

Packages are brought to the register.

The printer makes custom labels that fit all kinds of packaging and can be tailored to output whatever information the merchant requires. These can then be adhered to the food packaging served to the customer, to be scanned by the POS.

The scanner takes care of labels.

At the register, the barcode on the packaging is scanned and sales data is properly captured.

Data is sent to the server, accessible from anywhere.

All of the transactional data recorded by the Orders Up app gets pushed to our cloud-based servers and becomes available in real time.  This data is now available for sales analytics, inventory and food cost controls and labor analysis. The analytics can be viewed by any internet-enabled device.

What some of our customers have to say.

Real time analytics have helped us save 2% in food cost.
Trey K. - Multi Unit Franchisee
I check my phone throughout the day to see store sales in real time to make labor adjustments
Gary E. - Manager